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    Odyssey Architects SA (Pty) Ltd. boasts management with 40 years of combined experience and expertise in the field of architecture around the globe: 40 years at the helm of practices in: UK, Iran, South Africa, Botswana and elsewhere in Africa.

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    Odyssey Architects SA

    Odyssey covers the spectrum of architectural and associated consultancies in the area of:

    Through experience in major sustainable projects, we assist clients and partners in displaying their commitment towards responsible and green development.

    Odyssey believes that the role of the architect is to collaborate with organisations and individuals alike, to help achive their goals of growth, prospertity and social contribution.

    Odyssey will advance innovative ideas to house operations in a manner that will enhance the lifestyle of; our clients, their employees and their various stake-holders.
Odyssey Architects SA (Pty) Ltd.