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    Environmental Design

    Whether occasioned by: climate change; fossil fuel prices; water shortages; excessive energy usage there appears to be consensus that major changes are essential and imminent in the practice of building construction.

    At the vanguard of these changes is the current interest in Green – or Sustainable – construction. This trend represents one of the few in architecture in which aesthetics appear to take a back seat to efficiency – Energy Efficiency. Emphasis is now placed on building with added responsibility; not only to the client, or even to the public – but to the general environment as a whole. For these reasons this prevailing tendency could have the most far-reaching effect on communities than almost any other phase in the history of architecture.

    Up till recently this pre-occupation has remained in the domain of rural, domestic or small scale developments. At ODYSSEY our aim is to support more recent efforts to incorporate this ethos in mainstream architecture; we intend to do so while still maintaining the age old tenets of architecture – FIRMNESS, FITNESS AND DELIGHT.

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